For Teens, be sophisticated.

Being smart can get you respect at school.It will help you in a lot of social situations in high school.Paying attention to how you dress, act and treat others is part of being sophisticated.It takes a bit of effort, but you will come across as cultured and confident.

Step 1: Don't be late.

A lack of respect for another person's time is when someone is late to a social engagement.You don't know how to manage your time.Sophisticated people are always on top of the situation.Make sure you're on time for your engagements, but plan as much extra time as you need.

Step 2: You should stay true to yourself.

Being aware of who you are and representing that with authenticity can go a long way towards showcasing your awesome, sophisticated self.Always be honest with yourself, and be more open to feedback from others, if you want to become more self-awareness.Being aware and accepting of your flaws is what this means.Having honest conversations with the guidance counselor at your school can help you be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses.Your teachers will give feedback on your projects and behavior in class.Honest conversations with your friends can help you be aware of your flaws and be more confident in your abilities.

Step 3: Put other people's needs ahead of your own.

Being kind and looking out for others is part of being sophisticated.If you want to treat others well, consider how you should treat yourself.Allowing the elderly and people with limited mobility to take their seat on a crowded bus or subway is a perfect example of this.

Step 4: Don't speak and listen more.

Many people only listen until they can put in their own piece, as conversations are often rife with interruptions.If you want to be a more sophisticated conversationist, you should spend more time listening in a conversation than you do speaking.Listening is listening actively.Show that you're listening to what someone is saying by asking questions.

Step 5: A new language can be learned.

Being able to communicate in more than one language will allow you to experience more cultures and ideas.French or Spanish are some of the languages that high schools offer classes in.Extra attention should be paid to those classes.Ask your parents to hire a tutor if you want to learn a second language more quickly.

Step 6: Continue to read books.

Unless their teachers force them to, many teenagers don't read books.Being open to new ideas and learning more about the world is an important part of culture and sophistication.If you want to read classics from Homer and Plato, you should start by reading books by American authors, like Ernest Hemingway or Robert Frost.The Western Canon contains a great list of classic books.Pick a few books and start reading.It's important to explore works beyond the Western world in order to decolonize literature.It's important that you don't limit yourself to only reading "classics" or specific genres.Through reading, you can discover new interests.

Step 7: Go to a museum that has exhibits.

You can see another culture, another time, or a field of study with a good exhibit.Look for exhibits in your town.You might be surprised by what you find.Try to see exhibits about things you've never seen before.You'll be more sophisticated if you know more.

Step 8: The theater is open.

There are a variety of styles in theater, from Shakespearean tragedies to Greek epics.A play can help you understand a culture.You will learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into a live performance.

Step 9: It's important to be well groomed.

Good grooming involves trimming unruly hair.A style that looks clean and flatters your face is what you should get a haircut frequently.You need a haircut every month for short hair.You can get a trim every 12 weeks for long hair.If you have facial hair, it needs to be trimmed.Any hair on the body should be trimmed.Don't chew your nails.It is possible to use nail polish, but it should be neat.Floss your teeth at least once a day.

Step 10: You have to shower every day.

The combination of strange smells and oily skin is a dead giveaway that you've missed a shower.If it's long, wash it every couple of days.It will be brittle and prone to split ends if it is washed every day.

Step 11: It is a good idea to dress up for the occasion.

For a specific event, your outfit should meet or exceed expectations.If you attend a wedding, you'll want to wear your finest suit.Smart casual is enough for most situations, like a night out with friends.You don't need to wear a suit or fancy dress to every occasion, but make sure your clothes fit well and are clean.It's better to be overdressed when you're unsure.If you don't know how to dress for a specific occasion, dress a bit nicer than you think is appropriate.Pick colors and patterns that complement each other.Solid neutral colors can fit any occasion.

Step 12: Good posture can be maintained.

If you're trying to appear more sophisticated, having good posture is important.It makes you look trustworthy.If you want to maintain good posture, imagine that ice water is being poured down your back.You can bring your shoulders back and keep a healthy curve in your spine.You want to keep your spine straight.If you're sitting in a couch or chair with back support, the bottom should be as close to the inner edge as possible.

Step 13: Have good table manners.

If you want to impress people at dinner, you need to be able to eat well.You can catch crumbs or sauce by putting a napkin across your lap.It's a good idea to sit away from the table.Don't talk with your mouth full and chew closed.

Step 14: Don't use your phone during school meetings.

It's tempting to look at your phone every now and then.If you want to stand out, never use your phone during a meeting.You can leave it in your pocket.You can turn your phone off or vibrate it.You won't disturb the conversation by looking down at it so frequently.

Step 15: Don't use profanity.

Strong messages like being immature and having a limited vocabulary come from using curse words liberally.If you think about the reason you do it, curing is not very sophisticated.Are you cursing to make a joke?You can either deliver a punchline or a joke in a different way.