Ford 2000 tractor model numbers are available for identification.

There is a Ford tractor with the numbers relevant to it located on the right hand side of the flywheel housing.

//!The data was created on 16 May 2010 and is 300x250.The data is called the CDATA.

February 7th, 2008 at 2:38 am trying to work out year of manufacture serial pre fix 4.M.3.4 serial #B218276 model #01014C FPO # 407340 engine # D556252Fred.

Maybe you need to know more about Ford.The Ford and Fordson Association is a good place to start.I can't be of more help.

The Ford serial number info is very easy to follow.The series was built in 1975, along with a number of other experts.January 9th is when I have a Force 3000 numbered 5A09B.There was a day shift in 1975.There is a serial number.Is this the last?Bob, I wish you the best of luck.

Adding your tractor's serial number gave us additional information about serial numbers and let us know about the continuation of the building of these tractors into 1975.You should know that your serial number is a 1975 machine because it is one of the higher numbers.Do you know if there is a difference between 1965, and 1975, in 5A09B?

There does not seem to be a difference.Maybe they meant to stop in 1974 but didn't turn the tap off.Bob, I wish you the best of luck.

April 4th, 2008 at 10:00 am help can anyone tell me where the cab is ford 4000greg.

The serial number of my Ford tractor is C5NN605 and it has motor problems.There is a transmission number.I need to order parts and a manual for this tractor.Thanks for your help.

My stepson and I just purchased a used Ford 5000, which I believe was produced in 1969 (E1014C, 9L03B, C254448).Is the 1969 5000 serial number in the correct range?

The man with the June 1969 USA built 5000 has a serial number that matches the November 1969 date for his tractor.

Can you tell me what LCG stands for?I am working on a 1969 LCG, gas, live 540 pto, 8 speed, and can't figure out what it is.

I think LCG stands for low centre of gravity.The LCG models should have smaller rear wheels and shorter drop arms than the standard models.Most of the tractors were used for amenities work for city councils or golf courses where mowing work was to be done on steep bank sides, so many of them were on turf.

If the number on my 400 is d1014b, what is the serial number?

June 19th, 2008 at 8:39 pm I have an Air Force Tow Tractor with the military production date of June 1975 that is a model 2000 I believe.I want to sell this unit and will be looking at your site to identify it.I don't know much about tractors.

We just purchased a Ford 4000 and the model # is D1414C, so we have a model with an 8 speed tranny.The "14" is what it is.I don't know if I'm reading this right or wrong.Thanks for the compliment.

August 24th, 2008 at 3:31 pm hallo, graag meer inl over mijn ford is het een 2000 of 3000 en van welk jaar is hij nu.

The model number on my 5000 is E101/C, but I am not sure if it is the second last digit or the number between 1-6.

I have a Ford 4000 model #D1414C, serial C383642, production code 3F05.I have not been able to find any tables that include 14 as a style.What is the meaning of 14?

Please help.There are numbers near my starter on my 2000 ford.

Can you help with these codes?I think I know the model and serial, but I can't figure out the production code.

I have the same problem as Dirk, I can't read the numbers on my Ford 2000 correctly.

I was told today that there used to be a Ford factory in Anvers.There is a person with a serial number that is identified on his Ford 2000 registration document.This person lives in belgium.I wonder if the machines built in this factory were marked the same way as the US or GB machines.

There are two versions of the engine block for tractors, 7006 and 6015, which can be found at

Does anyone have any information about the Ford 3000 Highway spec?I can't find any information on them, what they had in, how they were supplied with, and so on.Can anyone help?

I just bought a CD from eBay that has all the parts and numbers for the 2000-7000 Fords.I checked the actual part numbers after visiting the Ford dealer this past weekend.Clent.

The brochure at may be able to help you.

I have a ford 2000 tractor with the following numbers B1013C 3G133 C389421, I believe it is a 2000 model all purpose diesel live 540 PTO 8 speed transmission and was made in the USA on July 13 1973.I can't find a picture of this tractor.We were told when we bought this used tractor that it was a 1980-82 model.A picture would help.

If you click on the image at the top left hand of the screen, you will be taken to the website.You will get a lot of pictures to view if you search for 'Ford 2000'.

The Ford 4000 Spool Valve Oil Return has 135 serial numbers.

The Ford 3 cylinder models 2000 3000 and 4000 were split into 2 manufacturing sections in the 1960's and 70's.The last year of tractor production was 1975.The *600 series began in 1976.The engines in the first and second series had a few less cubes.The early 3 cyl was giving 48 ptohp.The later series had over 200 cubes.In 1969 sheet metal had split grille with lower wrap around assembly and two piece grille.The tag on the hood of the tractor was visible when it was opened.

I just bought a ford 3000 tractor and I have a question about the tank cover.There are three sets of numbers model, production and serial number and I am having a hard time figuring out what I have here.What model is this in the order 6A31C B4 6 B*820280?It is too short.

The numbers on my ford tractor don't match up.It would be great if anyone could figure this out.The numbers are the same.The first line is Su3000d206.A132-805 is the last.I can't order anything until I find out what it is.The car is a ford2000, 3 cylinder diesel.

I bought a ford 7600 but it doesn't make sense to have on the first and second rows.Left bolster 6L17B second row NN70L57mid length rt side eng F141890 has non diesel.

I don't know what I have, could someone help me find it?Thank you.

I am in Australia and would appreciate any information on my model number.The tractor is made by Ford.The serial number is 1st Line D 2 NN 7008 A and 2nd Line 2 (WP) 18.The exhaust outlet on my tractor is the same as a car.Any information would be appreciated.Tony Mostert.

The 3000 has a B manufacturer code.The numbers for when it was produced are 16 1974.Are there production numbers for English made tractor?

The Ford is a 3 cylinder diesel.I have been using the above information to figure out my serial number.I need to buy the correct manual for my tractor so I can narrow it down.I have the following information.

The serial number is what I believe the C means for the third number.

The Vintage Tractor Engineer was asked how to date a Roadless tractor.

The same information will be given to any ford based components such as the engine or castings.

John Bownes is the best source of information.He has all the information about the Roadless brand.

There is a website that has a register of Roadless tractors and offers help for owners to understand what they have.

I could not make it happen with what I believe is a 2000 series tractor.B1022B, 0E21B.The tractor was made in the US and has a serial number.Someone might be able to help a novice.

Sir or Madam, please help me.I own an old tractor.The numbers behind the starter look like a Ford 5000.It has 8 speeds.If you shared an email address, I could send you a picture.I am excited about restoring it, but I don't know where to start.Thank you in advance.

I need information on how to find new tires for my 2000 tractor, model b1013c, unit number 2f02b, thank you

The data I used to identify my tractor was generally accepted.The model is called B1022B.The model of Code B is 2000 and it has no listing for it.?Why no listing for B?The production unit code is 3E30B.I came up with the year, code 3, month, day, and shift.The serial number is C383298.There is a letter at the beginning of the serial number.

There is no listing for the Transmission Code B.Is this a miss stamp, as the transmission has 4 forward and reverse gears with high and low range, and I would believe the stamp s/hb a C?Is that correct?

I am not sure what tractor I have, it was sold to me as a 3000, but the serial numbers do not match what is suggested.I can only find two numbers.

I'm trying to figure out the year of manufacture of the serial.

I have the same serial number.There is a serial number for me.Does this mean it was made in Belgium?I assume this is 1970, June 2, Day Shift, and the Ford 4100 tractor is a 1980 model, but it has a generator.It would be great if anyone could help confirm or identify the numbers on this tractor.

The numbers on the tractor are incomplete and we can't match them, so my husband and I are trying to find out more about it.

I used your information to identify my car.D1014C is my model.I think it's a D of4000 10.All purpose 1 is a diesel 4 and a speed trans.My production code is 3L16B.I came up with a day of the month and shift.This is where it gets confusing.You can find a serial number on all sites, including yours.The serial number is as follows.There is a picture of me.What does this mean?

A local farmer is in need of a 1969 Ford 5000 Diesel.I need a wiring diagram that is more detailed than the one I found online.Do not have a shop manual.I need to change my harnesses.

Can anyone help me?I have a ford tractor with the Model # of DS3540 and a tractor number of C680106 and I am trying to get filters and such for it, but my local dealer has no idea what it is.

I am trying to get the timing on my 2000 tractor off.Does anyone know what the timing is supposed to be?I am replacing the carburator and would like to know more about it.

I have a Ford 4000 and the numbers that are stamped just rear of the starter and above the implement mounting holes don't make sense to me, there seems to be some missing and hoped someone here could help.The numbers are in chronological order.Thank you.

Thanks to the information you provided, I was able to figure out some information using my model number.What I want to know is how to figure out my engine number, what size of engine would that be, and how do I figure it out.Thanks.

I own a 2000 ford.Can you help me with this?Thank you Matt.

I was able to locate the numbers just where everyone said they would be after purchasing a Ford 3000.My numbers don't make sense.The first line is 6B7C, the second is B086 and the third is A 127-517.These codes don't agree with your information.Thanks, Rick.

ex concessionario ford italia, parte dei numeri di codice visti.

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