Gerni Pressure Washer User Guides are available in PDF.

The only thing worse than having 2 split hoses, both overheat and pulse within minutes of use, is the service/warranty from Bunnings.

This is the best Gerni I have ever owned and it is very quiet.

I bought the Gerni 160.2 after reading about the higher-end pressure washers.I was looking for an electric high pressure cleaner that had good pressure.

There is outstanding pressure for larger domestic use.This unit is ideal after owning a smaller Gerni Unit.This unit is thorough.

I have used both a larger Karcher and a smaller pressure cleaner in the past and didn’t expect much from this model as it is the smallest/cheapest of the Gerni range.It is.

I lost half of the spray pressure after using it five times.The unit is great.Ozito have just bought something, I found out after calling Nilfisk.

The handle lasted 10 months with occasional use.I was told they were out of stock and that I would have to wait a few months.Quality and customer are terrible.

It works great after the first few uses.Our pathways were cleaned just fine.It was easy to use.The Trigger handle breaks.It is still under warranty.No support.

I bought this at super cheap auto because it was on sale.It worked well for a while.It would start the pump every time I turned it on.

I bought this gerni over two years ago and it stopped working today.The motor has stopped working and I have probably used it 14 times.Twelve months ago.