Helping you pay for future vet care is the price of cytopoint.

Ask your vet how Cytopoint can help you and your dog get back to enjoying life.

It works like your dog’s immune system.It is designed to target one of the main proteins that send itch signals to your dog’s brain that causes scratching, licking, and chewing.

Traditional pharmaceutical treatments for dog itch are not like Cytopoint.It is a biological medication that works like your dog’s own immune system to block signals that cause allergic itch.

It is safe to use in dogs of any age.It is possible to use it in dogs on many other commonly used medications, as well as dogs with other diseases.

It’s comforting to know that every injection is delivered effectively and safely during an office visit.Your vet will give you a complete dose that will help relieve allergic dog itch for up to 8 weeks.

When allergic dog itch is under control, life is as it should be.

You can receive appointment reminders on your phone or email.

Track treatment progress, learn about Cytopoint, and set appointment reminders if your dog needs allergic itch treatment.

You can get Cytopoint at your vet’s office.It is an injection that is delivered in the office for convenience and peace of mind.

Relief from allergic itch lasts for 4 to 8 weeks with just one Cytopoint injection.Your dog may be able to go as long as 8 weeks between injections.

A progress exam can be scheduled four weeks after the first injection.It is dependent on your dog’s needs.Please consult your doctor.

Monitoring your dog’s allergic itch is important.If you notice that your dog is chewing, scratching, or licking, you should call the vet.Your doctor may want to change your dog’s injection schedule.

You can keep track of your dog’s allergic itch with the Cytopoint Allergic Itch Tracker.It is easy to use and can be downloaded here.

You don’t have to worry about missing an appointment.When is the right time for your dog’s next injection?You can set up reminders at

It’s a good idea to tell your vet about all the medications your dog is taking.

Dogs receiving placebo had no more side effects than dogs receiving Cytopoint, according to a clinical study.