How are academics and social life at Concordia University

How are academics and social life at Concordia University

Both academic and social life are beautiful over here.Though academic is bit tough, I must say Concordia university is giving tough challenge to other universities in Canada in field of academic.Concordia having 2 different campus : 1) SGW : engineering, computer science, MBA.

2) Loyala : Arts, commerce etc.Concordia having lots of building and facilities like library, labs, study areas, gym, pub, free food from Monday to Friday (which is very healthy and open for all).Various associations arrange lots of event during summer, fall and winter.

They arrange trips, trekking, walking tour, festivals.They are giving opportunities to students to build their various skills.In every semester Concordia giving free workshops to students includes french classes, computer tools, public speaking, job search strategies, professional life.

And it’s totally free of cost.

Dear Jenna, University life at Concordia absolutely fantastic all around.The university has 2 campuses, one of which is downtown Montreal surrounded by shopping , pubs, library, accommodations, etc.

etc.Academically, you are looked after personally by teachers and departments, faculties depending on your core Major.Classes are never overwhelmed by large amounts of students.

This way , professors and instructors are available and accessible to you.There are athletics and fraternities and organized events within the walls of the two campuses.As a past Graduate Student Rep.

Hi Jenna, Your time at Concordia, both academically and socially, is what you make of it – it can be fantastic as others have said, or it can be brutal.There really is a place for everyone socially (you may have to look harder, but you can certain find groups and organizations related to your interests, and from there, build some great friendships.)I recommend you read my previous answer on a different questions, which talks about many organizations within Concordia to help you have a fulfilling social life: What are the best student organizations to join at Concordia University?

Why should students join them?

If you are a friendly person, you will meet others with your values.Are you planning university as a way to get a partner in life?There is that too.

Montreal is a very cultural city.It oozes culture.