How big of a cage do you need for 2 birds?

How big of a cage do you need for 2 birds?

Parakeet Cage Size Requirements If you plan on buying a cage for a single budgie (parakeet) you will need a 5500-6000 cubic inch cage. A cage for two budgies will need to have an internal volume of 9000-10000 cubic inches. If you plan on buying a cage for a single budgie (parakeetbudgie (parakeetWild budgerigars average 18 cm (7 in) long, weigh 30–40 grams (1.1–1.4 oz), 30 cm (12 in) in wingspan, and display a light green body colour (abdomen and rumps), while their mantles (back and wing coverts) display pitch-black mantle markings (blackish in fledglings and immatures) edged in clear yellow undulations. › wiki › BudgerigarBudgerigar - Wikipedia) you will need a 5500-6000 cubic inch cage. A cage for two budgies will need to have an internal volume of 9000-10000 cubic inches.

What is a good size cage for 2 parakeets?

A parakeet cage is a place where your feathered friends will spend the most time, so pick the one that they will actually enjoy. As budgies are horizontal fliers, you're better off with wider cages than taller ones. The best parakeet cage should be as big as possible but not less than 30x18x18 inches for two birds.

How big should a bird's cage be?

Birds use the width of their cage more than they use the height, and the cage should be twice the width of the bird's wingspan.” Bird Cage Portal and Kings Cages have the exact same recommendation on their websites: "At the very minimum the width of the cage should be 1-1/2 times as wide as your bird's wingspan.

Can you keep two birds one cage?

In some cases 2 birds can be housed in the same cage. Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Canaries, for example, usually love the company of other birds. If housed together, starting at a fairly young age, putting birds of the same species together can usually work. It can even work with birds of the same sex.

How much space does a pet bird need?

SOCIAL HOUSING AND CAGE PLACEMENT There should be at least 4 inches of perch space per small bird (finches, canaries, parakeets), 12 inches per medium bird (cockatiels, conures, lorikeets) and 24 inches for large birds (Amazons, greys, macaws, cockatoos).

What cage is best for a bird?

The best cages are made of stainless steel, which is non-toxic, easy to clean, and will not chip. The primary function of a bird's cage is to protect it - make sure that your bird's home does not pose any hazards to his health and well-being.29 Sept 2019

How do I choose a bird cage?

Suitable bird cages should be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials, including any paint or finish. The cage should be as escape- and intrusion-proof as possible. Taller birds need cages high enough to provide plenty of tail clearance. Birds with relatively wide wingspans need a cage that will allow them to stretch out.

What should be in a bird cage?

- Food. Pet birds need a formulated diet, meaning food pellets specifically for birds, as a base diet. - Cage. - Perch. - Water and food bowls. - Cage liners. - A hiding place. - Toys. - First aid.

What size cage do I need for my bird?

The minimum height of a cage should be three times the length from head to tip of tail of the largest bird to be confined in it, and should be increased accordingly if more than one pair or more than one species is kept in the cage.8 Dec 2021

Is Round cage good for birds?

Round cages are not recommended for most bird species for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, round cages are dangerous for the inhabitant. Any animal in a round cage could easily get a toe, beak, tail, or entire foot or ankle caught in the small space where the bars gather at the top of the cage.6 Oct 2019

What size cage do you need for a canary?

Canaries need a clean, warm, mentally stimulating environment. One bird should have a cage no smaller than 18”x18”x18”. Two birds should have a cage measuring at least 24”x18”x18” inches. Do not purchase a round cage.

Are canaries happy in cages?

Canaries are one of the most popular of all pet birds. Their happy nature, beautiful colours and amazing singing ability gives these petite birds quite a personality. They are loners by nature so are happy to be kept in a cage on their own and in fact, are often more likely to sing when in isolation.

What does a canary need in its cage?

Canaries may be small, but they need roomy cages to flap, hop, and fly to their heart's content. A canary cage should be at least 16 inches (41 cm) tall and 30 inches (76 cm) wide. Avoid cages with a rounded shape, as these can restrict how much the canary can fly around.

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