How can I get white lines out of my jeans?

When using powdered laundry detergent, pour it into your wash water and wait for it to completely dissolved before throwing in your jeans to prevent streaking.

Too much laundry detergent, undissolved detergent or hard water mineral deposits can cause white streaks on black jeans.The fade-resistance of the dye used to color jeans can affect whether the jeans eventually start to streak, as some dyes fade more than others.Getting the white streaks out of your black jeans requires that you determine the source of the streaks and then treat or repair them as needed.

If you scratch one of the white streaks on your black jeans with a fingernail, you may have powder in your jeans.

If you found obvious signs of laundry powder or mineral deposits, you should wash your jeans.After you wash your jeans, turn them inside out and dry on low heat or line-dry to prevent fading.

If you think the streaks came from fading, you should dye the jeans.The method of dyeing depends on the product you purchase.The jeans are usually soaked in a sink or bucket filled with a solution of water and dye.