How can I sell my car without an engine?

How can I sell my car without an engine?

- The most basic option when selling any car is to place an ad in the paper or online, offering to sell the car for parts. ... - A second option is to potentially repair the car. ... - Scrap yards are another option for you to consider. ... - Donating your car is another idea to think about. ... - Talk to your local auto dealers.

Can you sell a car with a dead engine?

While a car with a blown engine might now be worth much to you – or anybody else for that matter – most car dealerships will accept it in a trade. With this, you can trade in your car to help pay for a new one. The car dealership will then take your car and either sell it or use it for pieces.

How much is a car engine worth?

Generally, used engines on most passenger cars can be replaced for $3000-$4000 and new engines can be between $4000-$6000. Some will be more, some less. The average price of a used car is well over $8000, and if you're looking for a model 3-4 years old, that number jumps to over $20,000.Dec 4, 2013

How much is a car worth if it needs a new engine?

Without a functioning engine, you can expect to get at least $3,000 less for your car as a sales price than you would get for a functioning vehicle. So if your vehicle is worth $10,000 in good condition, you should expect to get something closer to $4,000 to $7,000 for it.

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