How can I tell what color my Toto toilet is?

How can I tell what color my Toto toilet is?

The most common location for these markings is on the back wall of the tank, or on the right hand wall, opposite the trip lever. The color code will start with a # followed by a two-digit number.

What is the most popular Toto toilet?

- Toto UltraMax One-Piece Toilet. ... - Toto Drake Two-Piece Toilet (Our Top Pick)(Budget Pick) ... - Toto Aquia Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet. ... - Toto Nexus Elongated Toilet. ... - Toto eWater NeoRest 550H Toilet. ... - Toto Carlyle One-Piece Washlet Bidet Toilet. ... - Toto Soiree One-Piece Dual Cyclone Toilet.

What are the colors of toilets?

- White. White is the most common color of toilet, and all major manufacturers have at least one shade of white in their catalog. ... - Black. Another common bathroom toilet color is black. ... - Gray.

What Toto color matches Kohler Almond?

Toto Colonial White: Matches American Standard White since 2000. Toto Cotton White: Matches American Standard old White (prior 2000) and Kohler White. Toto Sedona Beige: Matches American Standard Linen Kohler Biscuit. Toto Bone: Matches American Standard Bone and Kohler Almond.

What color does toilets come in?

The common standard color for toilets has predominantly been some shade of white. As trends shift, bathrooms were outfitted with toilets in brown, tan, beige, green, and blue.Apr 9, 2021

What color is Toto #12?

Manufacturer ‎TOTO ------------------ ------------------------ Product Dimensions ‎26.4 x 14.3 x 30 inches Item model number ‎CST243EF#12 Color ‎Sedona Beige Shape ‎Round

What is the difference between Toto cotton white and colonial white?

Colonial white is like off white. Cotton white is WHITE. ... Colonial white is off-white/cream & cotton is Toto's truest white.

What color are Toto toilets?

10 of 10 found this helpful. Do you? Pure and lustrous white, Cotton is one of the most common colors for TOTO toilets and is available on most models. This color, like Colonial White, is compatible with most bathroom colors but requires a rigorous cleaning schedule to maintain its best appearance.

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