How can I track a QR Code for free?

How do I make a QR Code trackable?

- Go to and generate your Dynamic QR code. - Click from the menu what type of QR code solution do you need for your marketing and business. - Enter the corresponding data of your chosen QR code solution. - Choose the dynamic QR code. - Click the “generate QR code” button.

Can QR codes be tracked?

Most QR Codes can be tracked to show insights about time, location, date, and the device OS used to scan the code. These trackable QR Codes are dynamic QR Codes associated with URLs.

Is there a way to track QR Codes?

A) Tracking QR Code Responses Using Google Analytics If you have Google Analytics tracking set up on your website, using Google Analytics for tracking your QR Code visits will keep all of your data in one location, and allow you to track the online behaviors and conversion rates of your QR Code visitors.

How do I trace a QR Code?

- Create a campaign URL with Google Campaign URL Builder. - Create a QR code that links to the campaign URL. - Check tracking works in Google Analytics. - Print and distribute the QR code. - Do this for each QR code you want to track.

Are QR codes anonymous?

Scanning the QR codes is therefore entirely anonymous, which safeguards the privacy of all employees. Someone with a certificate from a doctor who diagnosed a Covid-19 infection, will receive a code for Savitas from HR or the occupational physician.

Can you tell how many people scan your QR Code?

See the number of unique scans your QR code receives based on the IP address of the scanner. Use this metric to see the number of people that interact with your campaign. Venues or restaurants can use unique scans to see the percentage of repeat customers. So if 1 person scans 5 times, it will show as 1 unique scan.Jul 5, 2021

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