How can I watch rare breed entertainment on PPV?

Who owns rare breed entertainment?

Marcus Byrd - CEO - Rare Breed Entertainment | LinkedIn.

What is rap grid?

@rapgrid. The home of battle rap PPV & VOD. Visit

Who is arp RBE?

A Premiere Entertainment, Hip Hop, Battle Rap, Promotions, Management, Marketing, and Sponsorship Platform. Founded in 2013 by A.R.P. and Shotta and has since become one of the most entertaining and creative HipHop platforms to reach a world wide audience.

Who owns RBE battle rap?


Who won Hitman Holla or Cassidy?

Cass wins. . . Cassidy vs. Hitman Holla battle fight Max Out video, is revealed after the Philadelphia rapper scores a surprising victory against Ball Game.Apr 4, 2021

How many battles has Hitman Holla won?

Hitman Holla (also known as: Yung Holla) (real name: Gerald Fulton, Jr.) is an American battle rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. He currently has 36 battles catalogued, which total 80,118,335 views.

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