How can my child upload YouTube videos?

How can my child upload YouTube videos?

Use a parent's account. Simply go to YouTube, log in with your Gmail address, and go to the account settings. Pay special attention to the upload defaults (where you can make your videos private) and the comments, which you can approve before they go live or turn off altogether.

Can kids upload content to YouTube kids?

For a channel or video to be included in the YouTube Kids app, the content must be family-friendly. For videos to be eligible to be a part of the app, create videos that foster positive interests, promote development and education, and inspire families to engage with each other and the real world.Jun 24, 2019

How do I setup a YouTube channel for my child?

- Create a Gmail account for your child if he or she is under 13 years old. ... - Create a YouTube Channel by clicking on "Select My Channel" on the sidebar on the left side of the YouTube homepage. ... - Set the privacy settings so that everything is private or unlisted.

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