How can plastic cause cancer? Can you put Saran Wrap in the Microwave?

A registered nurse and book author, Julie Wilkinson has worked in both critical and palliative care.

There are many different versions of the plastic-causing-cancer myth.Some people claim that using plastic wrap in the microwave can cause cancer.There has been no mention of links to colon cancer in science as of yet.

The only microwave approved plastic containers for cooking are encouraged by the FDA.Single meal plastic containers are only approved for one use.It's probably not the safest idea to use a leftover margarine tub or container to cook food in the microwave.Many of these containers were never intended to be heated and they can leak plasticizers or other chemicals into your food.

Experts agree that although most microwave-approved plastic containers are safe, there are some times when that beloved bowl should be thrown away.If you must, throw your plastic into the trash.

If you're cooking in plastic, you should always open a side of the lid to release steam and fumes.

If your takeout dish doesn't specifically state that it is microwave safe, it's probably safest to place the food in an approved container.The FDA has stepped in again and most restaurants carry only FDA approved dishes, but styrofoam containers might melt in the microwave.

Glass does not contain plastic or chemicals.It is used to coat soda cans.Some people are concerned that there may be problems with the brain and other parts of the body in babies and young children.The FDA is looking at the safety of the substance.It's a good idea to avoid microwaving plastic that isn't BPA free in the meantime.

If you're not sure about microwaving food in plastic, then use glass dishes.It's recommended that you use this as a better practice.The dishes get very hot.

It is possible to ward off cancer risk by limiting processed foods and red meats.These recipes are for people who want to protect themselves and their loved ones.Get your guide by signing up.