How can the caller hear my ringtone?

How can the caller hear my ringtone?

How do you make a caller hear a song on Iphone?

How do I set a Ringback Tone?

Set ringback tones for specific callers by going to the "My Settings" tab on the Ringback tone website and then choosing the caller ID's of the users you want to assign the ringtones you've purchased.

Why is my caller ringtone not working?

Check your Ring settings. Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics (or just Sounds) and make sure Ringer and Alerts slider is at least 50% or higher. Make sure your ringtone is working too and your “friend” didn't set it to silence to mess with you. Turn off Do Not Disturb [].Jul 18, 2019

How do I change the ringtone on my Android phone?

- Open the Settings app on your Android mobile device. - Tap on "Sounds and vibration." - Tap on "Ringtone." - The next menu will be a list of possible preset ringtones. ... - Once you've selected a new ringtone, tap on it so that there's a blue circle to the left of the selection.

What is the difference between call volume and ring volume?

Ringtone and calls - what's the difference? Welcome to Android Central! "Ringtone" controls the volume of the notification you hear when someone calls you. "Calls" controls in-call volume (what you hear through the earpiece during a call).Aug 1, 2018