How can we hear different sounds?

How can we hear different sounds?

The sound waves cause the eardrum and bones in the middle ear to vibrate. Tiny hair cells inside cochlea (inner ear) convert these vibrations into electric impulses/signals that are picked up by the auditory nerve. ... Because of this mechanism, we hear different pitches within the sound.

How can we hear so many different sounds from across the room?

The way that matter vibrates is related to the type of sound it produces (in terms of volume and pitch). Collisions & vibrations between the particles that make up matter can transfer energy through that matter. ... Sound can make matter vibrate; different structures in our ear respond differently to different sounds.

How can we hear multiple sounds at once?

It is entirely possible for several hair cells to be stimulated simultaneously so that you hear several frequencies at the same time. the human ear separates out and detects all the frequencies within its range individually (in parallel) in real time, and sends that decomposition to the brain along a bundle of nerves.Jan 11, 2021

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