How can you build your own ruby gem?

What is require RubyGems?

require 'rubygems' will adjust the Ruby loadpath allowing you to successfully require the gems you installed through rubygems, without getting a LoadError: no such file to load -- sinatra . From the rubygems-1.3.

What are gems in software?

At its most basic, GEMS is a comprehensive, web-based software system used to track, manage, and analyze complex funding and data collection efforts. Designed specifically for community-based programs, GEMS is simple to use and requires very little training.

Where is RubyGems installed?

When you use the --user-install option, RubyGems will install the gems to a directory inside your home directory, something like ~/. gem/ruby/1.9. 1 . The commands provided by the gems you installed will end up in ~/.

What is RubyGems How does it work?

The RubyGems software allows you to easily download, install, and use ruby software packages on your system. The software package is called a “gem” which contains a packaged Ruby application or library. Gems can be used to extend or modify functionality in Ruby applications.

How do I require a Ruby gem?

Requiring code When you require a gem, really you're just placing that gem's lib directory onto your $LOAD_PATH . Let's try this out in irb and get some help from the pretty_print library included with Ruby. Tip: Passing -r to irb will automatically require a library when irb is loaded.

Where are RubyGems installed?

The main place where libraries are hosted is, a public repository of gems that can be searched and installed onto your machine. You may browse and search for gems using the RubyGems website, or use the gem command. Using gem search -r , you can search RubyGems' repository.

How do I check RubyGems version?

You can check your Ruby version by running ruby --version , and you can check your RubyGems version by running gem --version . If you need to upgrade Ruby, use your ruby version manager's instructions. If you need to upgrade RubyGems, run gem update --system .

Where is Gemrc located?

gemrc under root is expected to be in /root/. gemrc , and chances are that you want it to pick up a file from your regular user's directory.

How do I install RubyGems on Windows 10?

- Step 1: At first search, ruby download in your browser. - Step 3: Then click on the Download Button. - Step 4: Then according to your operating system download your suitable one. - Step 5: Then click on the downloaded file. - Step 6: Then click on the Next button.

How do I download RubyGems update?

Download the latest version here:

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