How can you distinguish a wound caused by bullets car accident?

What are the two main types of damage that a bullet does when striking the body?

Two major mechanisms of wounding occur: the crushing of the tissue struck by the projectile (forming the permanent cavity), and the radial stretching of the projectile path walls (forming a temporary cavity) (Fig. 1).

What are the odds of surviving a gunshot to the head?

Gunshot wounds to the head are fatal about 90% of the time, with many victims dying before arriving to the hospital. For victims who survive the initial trauma, about 50% die in the emergency room.

What is stellate pattern?

stellate pattern (star pattern) Features seen in contact gunshot wounds to the head. When the barrel of a gun is placed in contact with the skin over the skull, firing the weapon results in gases ejected below the skin and an outward rupture that can create a roughly star-shaped injury in the skin.

What is the medical abbreviation for gunshot wounds?

Gunshot Injuries; Gunshot wounds (GSW) information | Patient.

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