How can you have a baby with an IUD?

How can you have a baby with an IUD?

Getting pregnant with an IUD is unlikely, but it can happen. Pregnancy is possible if a woman has penetrative intercourse within 7 days of implantation. A woman may also become pregnant with an IUD if it falls out of place. Doctors call this IUD expulsion.

What does pregnancy with an IUD feel like?

Pregnancy with an IUD typically has the same symptoms as a normal pregnancy, including breast tenderness, nausea, and fatigue. If you're experiencing those symptoms and have missed your period, call your doctor right away to find out if you're pregnant.

Why you shouldn't use an IUD?

You should not use an IUD if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding. Cancer of the cervix or uterus or AIDS infection prevent IUD use, as well. You shouldn't use an IUD if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant. You can, however, get an IUD immediately after giving birth.

What is the most serious complication of using an IUD?

PIP: Uterine perforation is the most serious complication of IUD insertion; the risk is less than 1/1000 insertions for currently available IUDs. Most perforations occur at the time of insertion and the risk is increased in the 4-8 weeks postpartum.

What are the pros and cons of IUD?

- Pro: It's so tiny you can't feel it. - Con: Your OB/GYN specialist must insert it. - Pro: Almost as effective as abstinence. - Con: IUDs don't protect against STDs. - Pro: It's ready when you are. - Con: Rarely, the IUD slips out of place. - Pro: Low maintenance. - Con: Sometimes has side effects.

Do IUD babies survive?

Can a pregnancy with an IUD survive? It is possible to have a healthy baby conceived with an IUD. However, there is an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy after IUD placement. An ectopic pregnancy is not viable and can be a medical emergency.

Is IUD insertion painful?

People usually feel some cramping or pain when they're getting their IUD placed. The pain can be worse for some, but luckily it only lasts for a minute or two. Some doctors tell you to take pain medicine before you get the IUD to help prevent cramps.

Can you come inside with IUD?

The IUD works by creating an environment in your uterus that's inhospitable to sperm and conception. Depending on the type of IUD, your uterine lining thins, your cervical mucus thickens, or you stop ovulating. However, the IUD doesn't block semen and sperm from passing into your vagina and uterus during ejaculation.

What does the IUD do to your body?

The hormones in the IUD help prevent pregnancy, and can also help with painful or heavy periods while you're using it. Hormonal IUDs prevent pregnancy by keeping sperm cells away from your eggs. If sperm can't make it to an egg, pregnancy can't happen.

What are the disadvantages of an IUD?

Disadvantages: Your periods may become heavier, longer or more painful, though this may improve after a few months. It does not protect against STIs, so you may need to use condoms as well. If you get an infection when you have an IUD fitted, it could lead to a pelvic infection if not treated.

Is an IUD better than the pill?

Both the pill and IUDs are extremely effective in preventing pregnancy. The IUD is 99% effective, while the pill is 91% effective. The reason the pill is sometimes less effective is due to improper use, such as failure to take it regularly.

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