How can you improve the accuracy of voice recognition?

How can you improve the accuracy of voice recognition?

Use high-quality headset microphone Using a high-quality headset microphone is one of the most important factors to improve voice recognition. It is because these are not only capable of catching the right words, but also have the ability to hold a microphone in front of your mouth at a consistent position directly.26 Aug 2020

How can I improve my speech recognition model?

One of the most important factors for improving voice recognition is to use a high-quality headset microphone that holds the microphone in a consistent position directly in front of your mouth; desktop-based microphones typically provide less desirable voice-recognition results because they don't remain consistently 1 Jan 2019

Is speech recognition accurate?

Speech recognition accuracy rates are 90% to 95%. Here's a basic breakdown of how speech recognition works: A microphone translates the vibrations of a person's voice into an electrical signal. A computer or similar system converts that signal into a digital signal.

How can I make my talk to text more accurate?

If you tend to speak with a non-native U.S. English accent, you might improve your voice-recognition accuracy by selecting the Windows Logo Start button, the gear icon Settings option, Time & language, Speech, and checking the option labeled Recognize non-native accents for this language, as pictured below.1 Jan 2019

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