How can you protect yourself from Mercury retrograde?

How can you protect yourself from Mercury retrograde?

Protective stones like amethyst, black tourmaline, black obsidian, jet and smokey quartz can help keep you grounded, calm, focused and safe from harm. To harness their energy, they can be held in your hand, placed on a bedside table, or in your purse or pocket.May 29, 2021

What should you not do during Mercury retrograde?

- Hold off on signing any contracts. Making a big purchase? ... - Be prepared for traffic and other travel mishaps. ... - Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings. ... - Don't rely on technology. ... - Delete that "U Up?" text from a toxic ex. ... - Refrain from starting anything new.

How do you stay grounded during Mercury retrograde?

This is a good time to go back and Review old projects that you haven't finished or REvisit something that you've been putting off for a while now. It's about REassessing, REdoing, REarranging…. anything that you can put a “re” in front of is a good way to keep your energy grounded during this time.

What crystals go with mercury?

- Quartz Crystal. - Fluorite. - Black Tourmaline. - Aquamarine. - Jade. - Hematite. - Lapis Lazuli. - Amazonite.

How do you stay positive during Mercury retrograde?

- Mercury retrograde is not a time for speed. Slow down. ... - Focus on inner reflection when communication goes awry. ... - Mercury retrograde can be a bad time to make decisions. ... - Use the time to create more space. ... - Things won't go to plan during Mercury retrograde, so let go of outcomes. ... - Tie up previously loosened ends.

What should you not buy during Mercury retrograde?

Don't buy any electronics or big ticket purchases. Try your best to steer clear of the Apple Store. If you're in need of repair, know that due to Mercury Retrograde you'll be spending more than necessary with little to no fix. And not a wise time to do any technical / software upgrades to any devices.Sep 26, 2021

How do you stay calm during Mercury retrograde?

A go-to coping tool for any retrograde is meditation. The act of meditation is to quiet the mind from any thought and to let it be blank and still. If any personal thoughts creep in, acknowledge that you've trailed off from focus, let go of the thought and bring your mind back into stillness.

Does Mercury retrograde affect creativity?

According to astrologer Helen Frost, how you channel said energy during Mercury retrograde is pivotal. "The body will inevitably be holding all this volatile energy which can be super creative, great for dance, for sport and creative inspiration," Frost told Bustle.Jun 2, 2021

How does Mercury retrograde affect your mind?

Expect to have more or less energy than you're used to, particularly of the nervous variety. will either sap you of your usual zest and leave you feeling lethargic, or fill you with chaotic, scattered energy that might have you feeling restless, unfocused and anxious.Jun 2, 2021

Does Mercury retrograde make you forgetful?

A planetary retrograde is an optical illusion in which a planet looks as if it is moving backward. ... Mercury rules over communication and intelligence, so the most notable effects of Mercury retrograde are forgetfulness, misunderstandings and unclear communication.Sep 20, 2021

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