How can you tell how old a gateleg table is?

How can you tell how old a gateleg table is?

Look at the finish of the table to determine whether it has a patina of age. Even if it is in beautiful shape, it should not look new. You can identify antique furniture by looking for saw marks, especially on the tabletop. Up until the early 1800s, saw marks will be straight, and after that, they may be circular.

How can you tell if a table is Duncan Phyfe?

Direct Identification Methods. Many Duncan Phyfe-era cabinetmakers placed their company's name on every finished furniture piece. Phyfe, on the other hand, put his signature on only a few creations. This means that the great majority of Phyfe furniture pieces have no signature or other identifying marks.

What is gateleg table furniture?

A gateleg table is a type of furniture first introduced in England in the 16th century. The table top has a fixed section and one or two hinged leaves, which, when not in use, fold down below the fixed section to hang vertically. As such, gateleg tables are a subset of the type known as a dropleaf.

What are gateleg tables used for?

A gateleg drop-leaf table has legs that fold out to support the top. Although this style has been around for centuries, it was especially popular during the 1900s for use in smaller dining rooms and apartments.

What can you do with a drop-leaf table?

Kitchen. Drop-leaf tables are found in many American kitchens. Their versatility allows them to open up for homework, mealtime and large cooking projects. When closed, they make floor space more comfortable, while still remaining useful as work space.

What is a gate legged table?

gateleg table, type of table first used in England in the 16th century. The top had a fixed section and one or two hinged sections, which, when not in use, folded back onto the fixed section or were allowed to hang vertically.

How many legs does a gateleg table have?

Learn about Gateleg Table. A dropside table with deep flaps, of which one or more legs is hinged, able to be opened to support the flap when raised. Numbers of legs varied from eight to twelve.

Why is it called a gateleg table?

“Gate” in “gateleg table” refers to the pivoted leg supports under the table that are connected at their ends by crosspieces. When raised, the table's two drop leaves, which are usually D-shaped, are supported upon these gates.

How old are gateleg tables?

gateleg table, type of table first used in England in the 16th century.

How do you sit at a gateleg table?

Gateleg tables are comfortable for those seated at the leaves, but less so for those at the ends. If you need to sit at the ends, make sure that the top is wide enough to allow your legs to fit comfortably between the legs of the table.

What is a drop in leaf table?

drop-leaf table, table with one or two hinged leaves supported by articulated legs, arms, or brackets. The sofa table could be drawn up to a sofa and was long enough for two people to sit at, side by side. It had a flap at either end, each supported on a hinged bracket.

What is a leaf dining table?

A dining table extension leaf/leaves extends the length of a table in order to accommodate additional family, friends and guests. The majority of leaves are crafted from solid wood or solid wood and a veneer top. These are larger extensions that easily drop into the table and can easily be removed and stored away.

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