How can you tell if a Brighton wallet is real?

How can you tell if a Brighton wallet is real?

- Look up the registration number. Each Brighton handbag is equipped with a registration number that can be found on a square leather patch that is stitched inside the purse's interior. ... - Examine the hardware and the stitching. ... - Check the price points. ... - Consider the material. ... - When in doubt, go check out Brighton's website.

Are Brighton purses made in China?

Brighton footwear is made in Brazil, Italy and India while Brighton handbags are manufactured in China.

How do you clean a Brighton bag?

- Instructions: Apply cleaner to clean cloth and work into surface of article to be cleaned - do not soak. ... - Use: Especially formulated for all Brighton leather accessories to clean. - Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes or proglonged contact with skin and do NOT ingest. - Weight: 2 Fluid Ounce each bottle.

Where is Brighton Jewelry headquarters?

City of Industry, Kalifornija, JAV