How can you tell if AirPods are fake?

How can you tell if AirPods are fake?

To put it shortly, the quickest way to spot fake AirPods is to scan the serial number found on the inside of the case (see pictures below on how to find that serial number). Once you get that code, pop it through and see whether Apple confirms it for you.

Are the fake AirPods any good?

But Fake Airpods are really good. They look the exact same as the original Airpods and have similar sounds and battery lives as well. Fake Airpods are just a budget version of the original Airpods.

Are AirPods only white?

As of now, AirPods are only available in the white color. yes, but you could get a case (not apple original) for the charging case, a case for the case.

What colors do AirPods Pro come in?

"AirPods Pro" will come in as many as eight colors, including White, Black, and a new Midnight Green finish to match iPhone 11 Pro models, according to a Chinese-language report from the Economic Daily News.

Is Apple coming out with colored AirPods?

Leading up to the launch of the AirPods 2, many held out hope for the launch of a black color option for Apple's popular wireless headphones. The problem is that those rumors were apparently wrong, and Apple didn't release a black option for the 2019 AirPods.

How do I connect my iPhone to my pod?

- Plug HomePod in to power. - Unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and hold it next to HomePod. - Follow the onscreen instructions to choose your HomePod settings. - When asked, center HomePod in the viewfinder on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to complete pairing.

How do I connect my fake AirPods to my iPhone?