How can you tell if Kate Spade jewelry is real?

How can you tell if Kate Spade jewelry is real?

the craftsmanship of kate spade handbags, as well as the quality materials used for all products, is never paralleled in non-authentic merchandise. specifically, a country of origin label within the bag, as well as a label that is sewn onto the front of the bag, are basic signs of a real kate spade handbag.

How can you tell a fake Kate Spade bracelet?

How can you tell if Kate Spade earrings are real?

Got a Kate Spade? Break out a straight edge to spot the fine details of this one. The "t" will line up with the "n" and the "a" will line up with the "K" in New York," according to Tefel. If you finally got that "little blue box" from a jewelry designer almost everybody hopes to get one day, watch out.24 Nov 2015

Can I wear my Kate Spade necklace in the shower?

I wouldn't suggest wearing it in the shower all the time but it is a very good quality chain and pendant. Question: Does it come in a Kate spade gift box? It comes with a Kate Spade jewelry bag.

What do pearl earrings say about you?

Pearl Studs Pearls are a classic and timeless look that give off a vibe of purity and innocence. Pearl studs say that the wearer is classy and refined, with great manners and a friendly, approachable attitude.4 Sept 2013

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