How can you tell if Tupperware is vintage?

How can you tell if Tupperware is vintage?

If you're interested in scooping up some vintage Tupperware, but aren't sure if it's legit, there's an easy way to tell. Case said, “To authenticate any piece of Tupperware, look for a two-part number (its mold number) stamped somewhere on the product and make sure the word "Tupperware" is also visible.”13 Feb 2019

What is the rarest Tupperware?

- Bell Tumblers from 1946. - Wonderlier Bowls from 1946. - The Millionaire Collection's Salt and Pepper Shakers from 1960. - Servalier Astro Bowls from 1972. - Cake Taker from the 1970s.

How do you identify vintage salt and pepper shakers?

Like many types of vintage home goods, the easiest way to identify a vintage shaker is by turning it upside down (be sure to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder if any spills out!) and looking for a back stamp or manufacturer's mark.23 Mar 2017

Are old salt and pepper shakers worth money?

The most collectible salt and pepper shaker sets are those which are intact. Travel souvenir salt and pepper shakers do not have the same collectible interest that they had back in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, these salt and pepper shakers have fallen into the category of souvenir junk and they are not easy to re-sell.

Do salt and pepper shakers have any value?

Salt and pepper shakers come in a variety of designs and shapes. There are different salt and pepper shakes all around the world that are worth a significant amount of money, from the vintage sets from the 1950s to the current ones made with precious materials.

What is the most expensive salt shaker?

You're probably familiar with Randy Pausch.6 Jul 2008

What are the oldest salt and pepper shakers?

Among the earliest producers of salt and pepper shakers was the German fine pottery maker Goebel, which introduced its first three sets in 1925. (Today its Hummel shakers, introduced in 1935, are highly collectible.)23 Jan 2012

What do you do with old salt and pepper shakers?

- Tiny Terrariums. Once you add small pebbles, moss, soil, and tiny plants and figurines, your shakers will transform into their very own decorative microcosm. - Miniature Vases for Flowers. - Seed Dispenser for Gardening. - Air Fresheners/Aromatherapy.

How do I sell my salt and pepper shakers?

Take good photos of the sets in small groups and any cabinets that may go with them. Be sure to include close-ups to show quality shakers as a collector will only be interested if they see higher grades of shakers. Count the number of complete sets for sale. Typically a buyer will offer so much per set.

Is Tupperware collectable?

Today there are only a few Tupperware items that bring big bucks as collectibles on their own, like the company's sculptural salt and pepper shakers dating to the 1960s. Those can sell in the hundreds or more when they are in like-new condition. Complete bowl sets in great condition can bring $50 to $75.22 Apr 2019