How can you tell the quality of a hand knotted rug?

How can you tell the quality of a hand knotted rug?

Look at the back of the rug. In hand knotted rugs the weaving and the knots will be slightly uneven and not always exact and uniform. Some knots may be larger and some may be smaller. If you were to cut one of the knots - one single piece would come out.

How can you tell quality of oriental rug?

In short, a genuine Oriental or Persian carpet has no sewn-on fringes. The fringes form the end of the warp yarns and are therefore an integral part of the carpet. If you should see on the back of the rug that the fringes have been sewn on, then in all probability it is not a genuine oriental rug.

What is a good KPSI in rugs?

Knot density is a traditional measure for quality of handmade or knotted pile carpets. ... Density may vary from 25 to over 1000 kpsi, or 4 to over 155 kpsc, where ≤80 kpsi is poor quality, 120 to 330 kpsi medium to good, and ≥330 kpsi is very good quality.

What is the softest safavieh rug?

Colorado Shag Rugs are ultra-soft, plush pile shags (2.00 inches) in solid colors.

How can you tell if a rug is soft?

Look for durability Pile is how deep the fibers of the rug are. Low pile means that the rug will be stiffer and less plush, while deep or high pile means the fibers are long and soft.Aug 10, 2018