How cheaply can you build an inground pool?

How cheaply can you build an inground pool?

Overall, vinyl liner pools are the cheapest inground swimming pools that money can buy. It's rare to find a pool builder who can build a concrete or fiberglass pool at a vinyl liner pool price. This does not mean that vinyl liner pools are never expensive.

Can you get an inground pool for $10 K?

Some of these small pools could be built in just days, including decking around the pool, for a total cost under $10,000. If you've always wanted a pool, but don't want the extra maintenance of a larger pool or don't have the space for one, consider building a smaller one yourself.Jan 17, 2020

Can you get an inground pool for 20k?

However, some small inground pool can be had around $20,000. ... You might be able to purchase a fiberglass pool shell and install it yourself to save some money, but you'll still need to pay for labor, equipment, and materials, at least to the point of getting your pool shell from the factory to your backyard.

How much does a basic inground pool cost?

Type of Cost Amount ------------ ------- Average Cost $35,000 Highest Cost $55,000 Lowest Cost $28,000

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