How cold does it get in Ottawa

How cold does it get in Ottawa

Thanks for the A2A.In Ottawa, in winter it can get to -25 Celsius.(-13 for the Americans reading this).Typically, it doesn’t stay that temperature for too long – normally a day or two and warmer air will move in.While that might sound terribly cold, I find it all dependent on the wind.

I dunno about Wickipedia but I’ve been living here since 1973 and we usually get one or two mornings when it can be – 40 C usually the 3 rd week in January.One year it was like this for over a month.You could head the wooden roof beams cracking as they froze overhead.

You can tell when it’s this cold because the cold kind of seeps in through the windows and walls no matter how high you crank up the furnace.Some times water pipes freeze I do have sympathy for City work crews out thawing water and sewer lines on these mornings.Also CAA drivers out starting cars for commuters.

Put on an extra sweater, wear socks in bed, the weather always improves And it has marvellous boasting traction for proving how tough we are when visiting people in softer climates.

Ottawa is a weird city season-wise.It’s almost like we have winter, then all of a sudden it’s summer.Then at the end of summer, all of a sudden it’s winter again.

Very short springs and autumns.

Have you ever heard the old saying – “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey” – that’s how cold it gets in Ottawa… In the summer of course the saying changes to “Hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum”…..

How cold does it get in Ottawa?Here’s a quote from Wikipedia: “The highest temperature ever recorded in Ottawa was 37.8 °C (100 °F) on 4 July 1913, 1 August 1917 and 11 August 1944.

It varies from year to year.

It’s not often as cold as it was 20 years ago but will dip below -30C a few weeks of the year.

It can get unreasonably cold but it is seldom for long very long.