How cold does it get in Ypsilanti Michigan?

How cold does it get in Ypsilanti Michigan?

18°F to 84°F

How do you spell Ypsilanti?

Ypsilanti (/ˌɪpsɪˈlænti/) commonly shortened to Ypsi, is a city in Washtenaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

How much snow does Sawyer Michigan get?

K. I. Sawyer, Michigan United States -------------- ---------------------- ------------- Snowfall 168.0 in. 27.8 in. Precipitation 160.6 days 106.2 days Sunny 186 days 205 days Avg. July High 76.8° 85.8°

How much snow does Ypsilanti Michigan get?

Ypsilanti, Michigan United States -------------- ------------------- ------------- Snowfall 45.4 in. 27.8 in. Precipitation 139.8 days 106.2 days Sunny 178 days 205 days Avg. July High 83.4° 85.8°

How cold is Michigan in the winter?

Winter in Michigan Average temperatures drop to about 27 °F (-3 °C). Humid air often feels colder than it may seem judging by thermometer. However lovers of winter types of recreation find lots of activities.

What is the coldest month in Michigan?


What is the coldest day on average in Michigan?

The lowest recorded temperature in Michigan, -21°, happened on .Jan 5, 2021

How did Ypsilanti Michigan get its name?

They named it for the Greek patriot General Demetrius Ypsilanti, a heroic figure in the battle that the Greeks were fighting against Turkish tyranny - a struggle for freedom that many Americans likened to our own. Three years later the railroad from Detroit reached Ypsilanti.

Do you pronounce the Y in Ypsilanti?

We'll start off with a relatively simple selection: Ypsilanti. Most Michiganders can pronounce the name of this lovely town near Ann Arbor, but it's possible to be tripped up by that "Y" at the beginning of the word. Never fear, though: simply pretend that the "Y" is an "I" and you'll sound like a local in no time.May 4, 2018

How big is Ypsilanti Michigan?

4.51 mi²

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