How competitive are the arts programs at McGill and the University of British Columbia at Vancouver Ive been accepted to both and Im struggling to choose Id be studying psychology or computer science

How competitive are the arts programs at McGill and the University of British Columbia at Vancouver Ive been accepted to both and Im struggling to choose Id be studying psychology or computer science

I don’t know how competitive they are — but I’m a bit biased —so I’ll just “hey!come to UBC !” I think McGill is known for certain things — profession or medical (with a host more, no doubt; so don’t get me wrong if I’ve missed other leading aspects of McGill U).)

As an alumni of the University of British Columbia (UBC) is a massive university, both in area, scope & population, with Canada’s second largest student population, located on three distinct campuses : • The main original campus in University Endowment Lands on tip of Point Grey, Vancouver; • The Downtown Vancouver campus at Robson Square; • The Okanagan Campus, Kelowna, in BC’s interior (4–5hour drive from Vancouver).UBC offers, in genera, a vast array of faculties & diversities of studies spread out over many places.McGill has a marvellously high reputation with academic value … being much older and well established.

→ If you’re looking for what some would say is the Oxford of Canada, also equivocal to Yale or Harvard U, USA, in terms of cache/status.And then the issue is > comparing cities: Montreal eclipses Vancouver in terms of arts & culture .Vancouver is superior in its proximity to nature allows you as a student to take a quick break during your term to get out for a breather & exercise!

Yet if you’re studying psychology —I would come to UBC Vancouver as we’re on the cutting edge of a lot of in that field.We have quite a strong computer sciences — Both Vancouver & Montreal are hubs of digital media & computer gaming industry —so you can’t lose either way.Weather – Climate : It’s going to be a matter of how you want to spend your winter.

Sometimes the climate can be the game changer.With all due respect to lovely charming Montréal, ( I love Montreal), however, I’ve only been there for spring, summer & autumn.My favourite time of year back East is fall, (eastern summers are too muggy/humid with propensity for sudden thunderstorms & heavy rainfall) Vancouver’s summers are relatively comfortable, with low humidity/ dry long sunny days (generally).

I’ve never actually been to Montreal in the winter — but I’m in contact with Montreal as regularly, twice/month, during winter, my Montréal contacts inevitably beg to be on Canada’s West Coast.Yes west coast winters are temperate/balmy.Bear in mind, from October to April, the Pacific Northwest is often overcast for days/weeks on end with brief periods intermittent rain/ drizzle.

People who say it rains a lot are really experiencing lack of sunshine during winter, it apparently doesn’t rain any more than Paris.(Flip-side: all winter, you can get away with wearing just a light sweater, Gortex bomber jacket & sneakers/ankle boots = with rubber soles).Snowshoes & snow shovels are not typical of Vancouver winter, unless you’re going up the local mountains.

In the last few winters – heavier footwear has been necessary to wear for brief snow periods of December & January … When it snows, Vancouver’s quite pretty & temperatures are quite bearable/ mildly cold.However, recent years Vancouver’s had more radical swings in temperature (due to climate change), with summer droughts starting in spring, plus more risk of forest/wildfire smoke.The winters seem more unpredictable ranging from milder/wetter early springlike to more colder/nippy, yet dry/crisp sunny.

The bonus is spring does come early to Canada’s Westcoast, with flowers blooming as early as January, February-March, with April-June being the most fragrant & spectacular.Truly, without exaggeration, spring is the most beautiful in Canada.

Montreal also has a superior transit system to Vancouver’s – with fast underground network.That said, Vancouver’s built quite an extensive high speed automated elevated light rail network — (i.e.Skytrain & Subways [Canada Line] with an extension of The Millennium Line in subway form proposed to start construction soon connecting UBC along the Broadway corridor =>.

).Montreal’s downtown is not far from McGill University – it’s like @ part of downtown.University British Columbia main campus is stuck way out of the tip of West Point Grey ( a 45 minute bus trip to downtown) — yet, of course, depending on what you’re studying, as mentioned before UBC has satellite campuses, incl.

downtown, (so it’s hard to say).Accommodations & Affordability — this will be critical in deciding when on limited student funds.Vancouver has been almost crippling in unaffordability & low vacancy/ housing crisis where it’s very difficult to find somewhere to live in the city … however there are many more choices on the large campus, and vicinity, with people offering students furnished suites with temporary short term leases.

Montreal has long been considered a more affordable city, but that gap has become more narrow in recent years, with rents/ cost of living creeping up too — I know Toronto has become equivalently pas expensive as Vancouver (affordable accommodations are very tough to come by, sharing your unit or whatever is a must).Q: Is Vancouver more expensive than Montreal?→ Cost of living in Vancouver is 29% more expensive than Montréal * based on data updated as recently as May -July 2019 ( Source: => Full Cost of Living comparison Vancouver vs Montreal).

Another great source is ==>Cost of Living Comparison Montréal vs Vancouver … In Montréal one needs around $4,834.87 Cdn to maintain same standard of living as in Vancouver where one needs $6,400.00 Cdn to meet expenses (assuming one rents in both cities).==> This calculation uses Numbeo’s Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living (assumes net earnings, after income tax).Indices Difference: Consumer Prices in Montréal = 9.89% lower than Vancouver;Consumer Prices (incl.

Rent) in Montréal = 24.46% lower than Vancouver;Rent Prices in Montréal = 47.16% lower than Vancouver;Restaurant Prices in Montréal = 12.17% lower than Vancouver;Groceries Prices in Montréal = 9.59% lower than Vancouver;Local Purchasing Power in Montréal = 18.25% higher than Vancouver.Utilities (Monthly Basic: Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for standard 85m2 Apartment, Vancouver = $82.48 C, vs Montréal = $95.37 C.Sports & Leisure — Fitness Club, monthly fee (1 Adult), Vancouver = $52.84 C vs Montréal = $36.29 CSalaries, income compensation & financial (average monthly/net salary; after tax) → Vancouver, higher average earnings = $3,496.75 C, vs Montréal, lower average earnings = $3,123.77 C.Transportation — One-way Ticket (Local Public Transit) — Vancouver = $2.95 C vs Montréal $3.25 C // Monthly Pass (regular fare); Vancouver = $95.00 C/m vs Montréal = $85.00 C/mGasoline ($/1 liter) Vancouver = $1.51 C/l, vs Montréal = $1.28 C/l, on average.Childcare, Preschool, or Kindergarten, Private full rates: (o government subsidy) Full Day, Private, ($/Month/Child): Vancouver = $1,300.43 C/month vs Montréal = $658.19 C/month._____________________________| |_____________________________________ I have no idea about your economic status nor your tolerance for hot/cold – temperature differentials.Studying is hard enough — All of my answers may seem irrelevant — I think they are based on the fact that you need to find a balance with the easier city to live in while doing those studies.Your success is hinges on balance.

So you got lots to think about!All the best!When words alone can’t describe why B.C.’s spectacular by nature, see below photos of UBC’s campuses: ^ aerial view of UBC’s beautiful main campus on Point Grey, jutting out into the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia).

^ aerial view of downtown Vancouver, False Creek, English Bay, looking SW to UBC’s main campus on Point Grey.^ aerial view of UBC’s main campus on Pt.Grey, looking NE towards downtown Vancouver, & environs beyond.

^ close up over view of UBC’s main campus, Point Grey, Vancouver.^ close up over view of UBC’s Downtown Vancouver campus, Robson Square.^ close up over view of UBC’s Main Mall, on the lush parklands of Point Grey campus, Vancouver.

^ view from steps of BC Law Courts, looking North over UBC’s Downtown campus, Robson Square.^ UBC’s Okanagan campus, near Kelowna, B.C.^ UBC’s Okanagan campus, near Kelowna, B.C.

^ overview of City of Kelowna’s downtown boardwalk & lakeshore park on the shores of Okanagan Lake.^ Springtime: magnolias in bloom UBC’s Robson Square campus, Downtown Vancouver.^ UBC’s Robson Square campus, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

^ UBC’s ever expanding Okanagan campus, near Kelowna, B.C.(2019) ^ Taking it all in, on a rest stop of cycling tour with the dogs, on trail high above Naramata, B.C., with panoramic view of Okanagan Lake & Valley, looking south towards Penticton, & Skaha Lake beyond.

A2A.How competitive are the arts programs at McGill and the University of British Columbia at Vancouver?I’ve been accepted to both and I’m struggling to choose.

I’d be studying psychology or computer science.UBC is the stronger school in both computer science and psychology, so the academic benefits goes to UBC.See and, So it will come down to costs of attendance that is student debt.

If McGill costs more than UBC, UBC would be the better choice based on benefits and costs.If UBC cost more than McGill, I would need to know the extra cost to say if the benefits of UBC justify extra costs.

Having lived in both Montreal and Vancouver, I would suggest McGill.Your student dollar goes farther in terms of rent and food.There is a serious concentration of post secondary students in Montreal (125,000+/ year).

The Quebec culture is very stimulating mentally in both French and English.The cold weather will probably force you to concentrate on your studies.While the weather is better in Vancouver, I’ve met way too many UBC dropouts.

Turns out there are too many distractions, especially with Whistler.

I was in UBC in the mid 70’s.I was planning to go into the school of architecture and therefore I took some fine arts courses.I took 3 years of fine art with 2 in studio fine arts – the first year compulsory History of Fine Arts.I found the studio fine arts (which one would actually create art works, painting, sculptures, etc, ) was highly influenced by the prof at first.Their guidance could help with the first few projects.

Both are pretty competitive.McGill has more pedigree and prestige and will likely be more so.

I had an amazing experience in the Arts program at UBC.Then went on to graduate school.

Cost of living is cheaper in Montreal and you will be exposed to Quebec culture.

UBC is more laid back, and the weather is better.