How difficult is it to move to Montreal

How difficult is it to move to Montreal

No it isn’t but prepare your trip in advance and before you leave have a promise of employment from a company or a school for which you want to work for and apply for a work visa.Once you got it it’s just a matter of getting yourself an apartment or shared accommodation see Voir for that.But please, please and please just don’t land here without a priori getting a job because in such case you’ll find it quite difficult.

Please check Work in Canada and follow it religiously.For jobs in Canada check the aggregator job posting website at Job Search Canada | this website isn’t just about agencies posting jobs, it crawls in companies career section and post the jobs that are available publicly… Find Jobs.Build a Better Career.

Find Your infested with employment agencies, so you might want to look at them as a last resort.

I didn’t find it TOO tough myself, as a bilingual Canadian, but I second what Jake Chavigny has said: find employment in advance.Even already having the legal right to live and work here, I had a hard time finding employment, and unless you already have a social network that can connect you with jobs (which I have now, but didn’t then), you’re likely to have a hard time as well.It’s possible to just walk into an ideal situation, but it frankly isn’t likely.

I don’t think it will be difficult for you especially since you speak both languages.You also have a good level of education which means it won’t be difficult for you to qualify for most of the jobs.Is there a particular industry you are interested in?

Do you already have a work permit?