How do British Columbia literacy 12 assessments work

How do British Columbia literacy 12 assessments work

There is no BC Literacy 12 test as a graduation requirement.Literacy is measured in two different ways: English 8–12 grades (which reflect competence in reading, speaking, listening, and writing: the four strands of English language arts) and the Provincial Learning Assessment Program or PLAP.This Grade Ten test assesses a more general proficiency in language, and involves non-literary texts, but does involve critical thinking and the ability to write concise answers.

It is not connected to any particular course.Although the assessment contains a self-reflection, this component is not graded.Believe it or not, preassessment videos have been posted online to help Grade Tens to prepare for the test.

The Ministry of Education has also posted sample questions with keys and grading rubrics.Students write the test at a specific point during the Grade Ten year and receive feedback as well as the marks for each section, whether it be selected-response or constructed response.Comprehension questions are worth 50% and communicating understanding is worth 50%.

If you go to Building Student Success – B.C.Curriculum you can see the breakdown of the test into five parts, worth 25%, 10%, 20%, 25%, and 29% respectively.The final mark on the Proficiency Scale rates students from the low (“Energing”) to a high of “Extending” (sophisticated understanding).

As I understand this Provincial Assessment, all Grade Ten students must write the test, and those who score at the low end are encouraged strongly to take Communications 11 rather than English 11.This is a significant choice since only English 12 or First Nations English 12 is recognized for university entrance.