How do caffeine test strips work?

Can you test for caffeine content?

Many companies measure caffeine in their beverages. They use a method called ultraviolet spectroscopy, Max explains. It measures how much ultraviolet light — light close to violet, but wavelengths that people cannot see — is absorbed by different chemicals.22 Oct 2015

Can I test coffee for caffeine?

Here's one for the paranoid decaf coffee drinker--D-Caf Test Strips. These tiny strips of paper will tell you if there is too much caffeine in the beverage when you dip one in a small sample. It takes about 30 seconds to display a result and will work with both hot and cold coffee.21 Sept 2009

How do caffeine test strips work?

A strip of paper soaks up fluid from a sample, and antibodies in the strip produce colored lines if the sample contains caffeine. The antibodies were designed by the test's manufacturer, Silver Lake Research, which also has antibody tests for contaminants in food sources and water.22 Dec 2008

Can I test how much caffeine is in my coffee?

You can get caffeine testing strips that you can dip into coffee, and they'll give you an idea of how much caffeine is in the brew. The strips have a couple of lines on them, marked D and C. Decaffeinated beverages will only rise to the D line, caffeinated beverages will rise above it.

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