How do I get a well paid job in Montreal without speaking French or having Canadian citizenship

How do I get a well paid job in Montreal without speaking French or having Canadian citizenship

You need to speak French.You need to have a Peermanent Residince visa.That one may, after 4 – 6 years allow you to become a Canadian citizen.Having your education assessed This requires a language test, in Englich or French and you also need to have the equivalence of about CAD 15,000 in your bank account before you can apply.A visa, takes from one to about five years to get and Forget all about “work visas”, they are so seldom used that you can consider them non-existant.

No Canadian companies need to or allowed to hire from abroad.(Iknow, some say differently but all of these cases are very special.)Also, any work visa is strictly time limited and gives you no right to stay in Canada on the day of expiry.

Before you can apply for any job you must be in Canada on a Permanent Residence visa and have your SIN (Social Inusrance Number) card in hand.

First, you will need a work permit.These can be acquired in various ways ( Work in Canada ).As far as I have seen, the fastest way to acquire a work permit is to be sent to Canada from a firm where you are currently working.

The second fastest would be to secure a position at a Canadian company or institution with recognized specialized needs.(This should be covered in the link above, but examples are highly specialized programmers in companies and researchers at universities.)As for French, clearly this is not an issue in the two cases above, but what if you managed to get a work permit on your own and want to work?

This will depend on your profession.If it is covered by a union in the province, forget it.The unions are very protective of the language.

Depending on your education level, it might be really hard to find a job in Montreal if you don’t speak French.Anything below an undergraduate/university degree won’t lead you farther than a customer service job, which requires being bilingual.Anything that does not require French would be somewhere with no external contact, like IT or engineering maybe?

Also do you have a work permit to work in Canada?

Sorry to be a downer, but you probably won’t.Learning French is part of the Quebec culture, it’s like wanting to go to Sweden but not speak Swedish.Yes, some people get lucky, but it takes a lot of hard work.

Network, make connections, talk to people, prove your value – but also make an effort to learn the language.

Contrary to popular belief, not all areas in Montreal are french-speaking.Although limited, there are still various jobs you can get without speaking French.For example, if you were to work at a firm and strictly deal with the “outside of Quebec” relations, you would rarely have to deal with anyone French-speaking.

The only way that idea will work is if a Montreal company can persuade the Immigration authorities that you possess a unique ability that a Canadian citizen does not possess.You might then be granted a work visa.Some Montreal companies do not require that all their employees speak French, especially those employees that are dealing with English-speaking clients.

It depends on the company and your role.Some companies mostly function in English, but most are French.So, it’s possible to find, but it’s not as easy as finding a well paying job that requires French.

There are quite a few networking opportunities around the city and some of those networks target English speakers.Do a little bit of googling and you will find them.

becoming an outstanding programmer in one or several highly sought-after programming languages is your best shot if you want a really well-paid gig.

Research about common skills and be willing to educate yourself.