How do I make up like Winifred Sanderson?

How do I make up like Winifred Sanderson?

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How do you do Sarah Sanderson makeup?

How do you do Mary Sanderson hair?

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How do I do my hair like Winifred Sanderson?

What color are Winifred sandersons eyes?

The main colors of the Sanderson Sisters' costumes are green, red, and purple. Winifred Sanderson wears a green dress/cloak, Sarah Sanderson wears a purple dress/cloak, and Mary Sanderson wears a red dress/cloak.2 Oct 2021

Who was Winnie's lover?

Billy Butcherson, portrayed by Doug Jones Billy is Winnie's love interest and a zombie that Winnie recruits to help the Sanderson sisters absorb the youth of unsuspecting children.31 Oct 2017

Who is the best Sanderson sister?

Hocus Pocus: 5 Times Sarah Was The Strongest Sister (& 5 Times She Was The Weakest) Sarah Sanderson isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and is typically seen dancing around in the background of Hocus Pocus, but she had her strengths!19 Sept 2020

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