How do I reprint a FedEx label?

How do I reprint a FedEx label?

To reprint a label, click the Ship History tab at the top of your FedEx Ship Manager® screen. Select a shipment from the list and then select Reprint.

Can you reprint a shipping label?

Note: You can reprint a shipping label once, after printing it the first time, or from the shipping label's record on the History screen.2021-08-14

Will FedEx help print my shipping label?

You don't need to print anything. You can go straight to a FedEx or participating retail location, show your QR code, and a team member will print the label for you on the spot.

How long is a FedEx label good for after printing?

two weeks

Can FedEx reprint a label for me?

Yes, FedEx Ship ManagerTM allows you to reprint shipping labels and documentation. FedEx labels and documents may be reprinted up to 12 hours after they are processed, or until midnight local time (whichever comes first). Click on the 'Ship History' tab, select the shipment and click on the 'Reprint' button.

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