How do I send a wow token to a friend without playing the game?

You can't give a recurring game time subscription to your friends.You have to be friends with someone for seven days before you can give them Balance.The Balance may not be usable for another three days.

Can you give a character boost?It is not possible to buy a Character Transfer, Faction Change, or any other service for a character that has been boosted in the past 72 hours.Customer support can't get around this restriction.

If the player's account is inactive, they can redeem a token through the character select screen.If the player does not have any Tokens, they can purchase one directly from the character select screen for the current market price, with the gold deducted from all characters on the selected server.

Purchasing a wow token without a subscription.If there is a token available, it shows up.Continue to check and eventually have one for you.If you have enough gold on your account, you'll be able to buy a token.

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