How do you get an HR job in the Toronto area

How do you get an HR job in the Toronto area

The only way to get a HR job as a career is that you become a certified CHRP recruiter.Here recruiters just don’t sit on a desk buy actively head hunt for people and are great at networking.Women make great HR workers because they inherently have better soft skills and communication skills than guys.

You can get a bachelors or a diploma in HR management from a Canadian university and syart a junior recruiter in an HR office.The pay will be around $20ish an hour and nothing extra ordinary.You will gain experience for atleast 2 years and ask for a promotion.

If promotion doesn’t happen, you will resign from your job once you land a better role in a different company.Outside work, you can use CHRP to recruit people for other companies.Send them candidates that fit their needs.

You will be paid commission if they hire your candidate.If not, don’t lose hope.This is a typical way a successful HR professional works and can make uptom7 figures based on their network of companies and clients.

It also depends where you are located.An HR worker in Windsor would not make as much as someone working in thenGTA.That is understandable.

You will have to know that HR job is a desk job which is mostly dominated by women.It is not my opinion buyI have across only 3 men who I have known in the process.However, gender should not matter but work would.

There are very successful HR professionals in the downtown area of Toronto.Toronto is a Banking and IT hub and there are hundreds of companiesmalways seeking fresh talent to fill in their workspaces.

applying for jobs like everyone else might be a good start.

If you are a foreign worker however I will suggest that your chances are zero to none as there are thousands of HR people in Canada.

You would be better off trying to apply for PR first.

I had a friend who landed in 2012 from Dubai who worked in HR in UASC Dubai.She tried very hard but couldn’t get a decent PR job till date.In between, she got 3–4 months contractual job.

Table work is dominated by whites.