How do you reread a book on Kindle?

How do you reread a book on Kindle?

Yes, I have a Kindle Paperwhite and to reread a book, it's really simple. Open the book, then tap on the top to pull up the menu bar. Then choose the table of contents, and select the beginning of the book. All in all, in take maybe 3 or 4 taps and perhaps 10 seconds.Jan 18, 2013

How do you restart a Kindle book from the beginning?

From the Kindle itself, you can just pull up the context menu for the book and select “Return" from the menu.

Can you read a book twice on Kindle?

The Kindle books remain available in an archive format online; when you want to re-read a book, you just download it to your Kindle again.

How do I get back to the page I was reading on my Kindle?

While reading, tap the center of the screen, and then tap Go to. Select where you want to go: Go to Page or Location - Enter a page or location to go to. Sync to Furthest Page Read - Go to the most recently read page in the book across all of your Kindle devices and reading applications.

Can you read a Kindle book more than once?

Sharing Kindle Books: The Cons One Time Only: Kindle only allows you to loan a title once—not just once per person, but once total. ... No Simultaneous Reading: Once you've shared your book, you won't have access to it until it is returned, either manually or automatically.Oct 26, 2018

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