How do you use ClearCare app?

How do you use ClearCare app?

Does clear care go track your location?

Information We Automatically Collect About You. When you use our App, we may also collect your geolocation information. You can change your location tracking settings on iOS devices by going to your privacy settings and on Android devices by going to your app settings.

How do I reset my ClearCare password?

Logging on to the ClearCare App If you have problems with your password, please text 781-619-3489 and we will reset it for you.

How do you use Clear Care?

What is clear care Go app?

ClearCareGo for Caregivers presents Caregivers of home care agencies using ClearCare with an easy-to-manage schedule and profile management interface. Edit your own profile, clock in and out of shifts, manage tasks, record comments, and view your upcoming schedule, all with a few clicks!

How do you clock in on Clear Care?

How do I use ClearCare software?