How do you use DreamMapper app?

How do I interpret my DreamMapper results?

What is 90% pressure on CPAP?

During any given night, the device recognizes the 90% Pressure achieved by the Auto Algorithm. 90% Pressure is defined as the pressure at which the device spent 90% of the session time at or below.

How do I connect to DreamMapper?

Why is my DreamMapper not working?

First, verify that the Bluetooth option is turned on in the DreamMapper Settings menu. Click on the 3 bars on the top left of the app, then click on Settings. If the data does not sync and the connection fails, please try the following steps to reconnect the Bluetooth: Unpair the Bluetooth.

How do I connect Dreamtation 2 to DreamMapper?

Does DreamMapper work with DreamStation 2?

Sync your device to your tablet or mobile phone using the DreamMapper app, available in the App Store and Google Play. Follow the pairing instructions in DreamMapper. The screen displays “Pairing to Device” and then “Success: Bluetooth Device is now paired.” A 6-digit PIN will appear on the DreamStation 2 screen.

What is the difference between a DreamStation and a DreamStation 2?

Humidification Built-In Another main difference between the original DreamStation model and the DreamStation 2 is the integrated humidifier. Previously, DreamStation users that wanted a humidifier for their CPAP therapy had to purchase it separately as an optional add-on.

Does DreamStation 2 have WIFI?

DreamStation 2's Simple Connectivity The DreamStation 2 has everything built in to one device. In the previous model you had the options of cell modem, wifi, or bluetooth connectivity. It has simplified this to just one model featuring cell modem and bluetooth connection.Apr 9, 2021

How do I access DreamStation settings?