How do you use the test button on a circuit breaker?

If current in excess of the breaker’s rating in Amps is flowing through the circuit, thebreaker will trip andDisconnect thecircuit to avoid overheating the wiring or equipment it serves, which could potentially start a fire.

There is a button markedTEST that can be white, yellow, green, or red.There is a red test button on the older GFCI breaker.

There are two types of fault circuit interrupters.The device is designed to protect against defects, so if the test button is pushed it will cause the breaker to go to the middle position.If nothing happens when the test button is pushed, that means the device is not functional and therefore not protecting the circuit in the way it was designed.

Ground faults are current that is traveling off the intended circuit and may shock you.The circuits for pools and spas are protected by these breakers.Due to the fact that GFCI-receptacles with “TEST” and “RESET” buttons are located in the center of the panels, they are less likely to be used in panels today.

Arc faults are when a damaged wire sparks across a gap in the wire, either along one wire or between two adjacent wires.Since early in the century, bedroom circuits have been required to have AFCI breakers in order to protect them from fires caused by arcs of wiring.Since 2008, a newer version has been required.

Where are GFCI receptacle outlets required?What electrical dangers does a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter not protect against?When did arcs fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breakers become required?Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are worth the trouble.

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