How does heredity affect personality development?

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Heredity can affect personality and mental health.We all know that our genes affect the color of our eyes and hair, as well as our susceptibility to certain diseases.It suggests that heredity plays a role in the development of that trait.

How do our genetics affect our personality?All of the genes that our parents have given us are expressed in us.How much we like jazz can be influenced by specific genes.There is a genetic basis to one’s tendency to watch a lot of TV.Our environment interacts with multiple genes to produce our dispositions.

Both genetic and environmental factors affect traits.Heredity and environment affect each other.The environment in which genes act depends on this.A single gene can have a huge impact on behavior in PKU.

Each person has different types of intelligences from their parents.Learning is affected by temperament.The limit of a trait is set by genetic factors.The environment determines how much potential can be realized.