How does UBC compare to other schools in Canada like UofT and McGill

How does UBC compare to other schools in Canada like UofT and McGill

How would you even compare UofT to UBC?!UofT is on a completely different level in a way that it should be compared to likes of its own, e.g.EPFL, ETH, MIT, Stanford University, and so on.

UBC Vancouver is what you would call a very good school in the province of British Columbia, but overall it is just a mediocre school.And don’t get me started on UBCO in the middle of Okanagan desert!That campus, as far as I know, has latched on to UBC Vancouver to get some credit but everybody knows that it has very weak performance.

Just take a look at h-indexes of the faculty and you’ll see how shi**y of a university that campus is.One of the MEMS faculty didn’t know about the difference between point forces and distributed forces.That is like a Chemistry teacher wouldn’t be able to tell an atom from a molecule.

I spent a semester at UofT and it was one of the best things ever happened to me.

From my grad school friends at McGill who went there, UBC is viewed very well, especially in areas like Asian history, environmental science, oceanography, etc.Their library program focused mostly on professionals and mature students.Generally though, unless your going for computer science or another degree that won’t involve grad school, pick a small university for undergrad in Canada.

The experience is way better and you can often participate in research as an undergrad.A lot of universities have specialities, like the University of Lethbridge with neuroscience, teaching, theatre and ecology.

UBC is also a very good school in Canada, however most people feel that McGill and U of T are better.This depends on what you want to go into though.If you are interested in environmental science, plant and animal sciences, agricultural sciences, and even just environment/ecology, then UBC is an ideal choice, especially due to its location in Vancouver, a city that surround itself with nature.

However, this is not to say that UBC is not good at other areas of study, it still does very well in other subjects/fields of study, however it’s just that UBC is notable for their environmental education.I hope that helps!

Well, it really depends on the faculty- I go to UBC vancouver for engineering, and it is very highly regarded in that respect.I will say, for example, don’t come here for nanotech.

It is a good university of similar caliber to the others.

Some schools specialize in specific subjects so you need to search for the schools that have a significant specific for your needs.