How far can propane tank be from house? -Lot requirements for placement of propane gas tanks.

National and local authorities have established that propane tanks should be set up at a certain distance from other structures.It’s logical that propane is a dangerous material and that distance rules contribute to the safety of the installation.

If your propane tank is above- or underground, propane professionals know what distance rules apply on your property.It is safer to rely on your propane company to make recommendations as to where your tank should be setup.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Association decide on general standards for propane tank distance rules.To find out the exact rules that apply to your area, you should check with the closest building or fire department, or propane companies.

The propane tanks have to be further away from the structures.Since they present a higher safety risk, aboveground tanks are subject to stricter distance rules.It is possible to place underground tanks slightly closer to neighboring structures.The general rule is that propane tanks should be at least 10 feet from the nearest buildings.

The location where connections and disconnections are made or whereLP-Gas is vented to the atmosphere is the point of transfer.The following distance rules apply when filling propane tanks.