How far is Madrid from Portugal by plane?

How far is Madrid from Portugal by plane?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Madrid, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal ("as the crow flies"), which is about 313 miles or 503 kilometers.

How far is Portugal from Spain by plane?

The shortest distance (air line) between Spain and Portugal is 220.11 mi (354.23 km).

Is there a train between Madrid and Lisbon?

The average journey time by train between Madrid and Lisbon is 23 hours and 3 minutes, with around 2 trains per day.

Is there a day train from Madrid to Lisbon?

FAQ About Train From Madrid to Lisbon A whole journey from Madrid to Lisbon by modern Renfe Trenhotel will take you around 10,5 hours. Unfortunately, there is no direct day train running between these two impressive destinations.

Is there a night train from Lisbon to Madrid?

A single Trenhotel overnight train departs from Lisbon every evening throughout the week, first from Santa Apolonia, then 9 minutes later from Oriente, arriving in Madrid the following morning at Chamartin. From the Portuguese capital, you'll be whisked away to Spain's spirited capital of Madrid.

Is there a high speed train between Madrid and Lisbon?

Is there a high-speed train from Lisbon to Madrid? Unfortunately, there is no high-speed train running between the cities, but Renfe's night train service boasts very fast travel times.

How long is the train ride from Portugal to Madrid?

about 10 hours and 6 minutes

Which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into?


Is Lisbon better than Madrid?

Madrid is the more popular tourist destination but Lisbon has many varied sights and activities. Lisbon offers stunning beaches only a short train ride away while Madrid's nightlife is unbeatable. This guide will provide a comparison of both cities and help you decide between Lisbon or Madrid for a short break holiday.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Portugal?


What is the cheapest month to fly to Spain?


Do I need a Covid test to fly from Portugal to Spain?

International flights All passengers must present, at the time of departure, proof of laboratory testing of RT-PCR (NAAT) or laboratorial Rapid Antigen Test carried out within 72 or 48 hours prior to departure time. In the case of the digital Recovery Certificate, these are valid for 180 days.

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