How fast is the Dodge Charger 392?

How fast is the Dodge Charger 392?

0 - 60 mph 4.3 s ----------- ------------------ 0 - 100 mph 9.2 s 1/4 mile 12.4 s @ 115.0 mph Top speed 282 kph (175 mph)

Is Hellcat faster than 392?

Unsurprisingly, the Durango SRT Hellcat is the faster of the two, able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.4 seconds and completes the quarter-mile in 11.7 seconds at a speed of 117.3 mph.Apr 6, 2021

How fast is a 2019 Dodge Charger Scat Pack?

2019 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack: This powerful Dodge Charger trim can hit up to 187 MPH with a 4.20-second acceleration time. 2019 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat: Being the most powerful of the bunch, this Dodge Challenger can make it up to 203 MPH and hit the 0-60 acceleration in an impressive 3.30 seconds.Jun 28, 2019

Is the 392 Hemi fast?

392 HEMI® V8 This engine achieves 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds and is available only on the R/T Scat Pack model. The Scat Pack also comes standard with launch assist, line lock, and a new performance-oriented grille.

How much does a 2019 Dodge Charger 392 cost?

It features a 392 Hemi V-8 engine with 485-horsepower but doesn't break the bank with a starting price of around $40,000. With acceleration from zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds and top speeds of 175 MPH, you'll have a blast driving this around.Jul 26, 2020

How much does a 392 charger cost?

The AWD Charger GT is about $33,600; the R/T, the lowest-priced Hemi V8 Charger, is around $36,100; the R/T Scat Pack and R/T Daytona 392 with the 485-horsepower Hemi are around $41,000, while the SRT 392 is about $52,200.

How much is a 2020 Charger 392?

The 2020 Dodge Charger Scat Pack offers the most muscle for the dollar. Powered by the naturally aspirated 392 HEMI V-8, Charger Scat Pack delivers 485 horsepower and 475 lb. -ft. of torque, is mated to the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, and has a starting U.S. MSRP less than $40,000.Sep 27, 2019

How fast can a 392 charger go?

Top speed of 175 mph. 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds.Apr 26, 2021

Are 392 challengers fast?

The Dodge Challenger SRT 392 hits a top speed of 182 mph and it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, which is 1.2 seconds faster than the Ford Mustang V6. It is also able to cover a quarter mile in 12.6 seconds; 1.1 seconds faster than the Mustang.

Is the 392 faster than a srt8?

The 6.1 has to move more weight per horsepower than the 6.4. The 6.4 will be classified in a faster class than the 6.1. The 392 should be the faster car and it is. Now if you knock 300 lbs off the 6.1 car, it would run in the same bracket as the 6.4.Jun 3, 2020

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