How great is Vancouver as filming lokittenions

How great is Vancouver as filming locations

Vancouver is very popular for the movie set crowd, but on the whole with my experiences, I wish they would ……… go someplace else.I know it is supposed to be cool because of the drama show, but once given the permission to shoot somewhere, an area becomes flooded with simian, hyper ego’s with unrestrained Cine elitism.In short order there will be some chimp insisting on us mere mortals curtailing life and business when ordered.

Face Palm!I for one will not genuflect to this at home or at work being as I am living in reality, and not part of the pretend playing .I mean what is in it for me on the plus side?

There is the breathtaking possibility of meeting some awesome celebrity prop with only a screen presence.Then of course the, “I was there” thrill moment, when later viewing some stillbirth production, that could have mercifully buried before it stank to high heaven.I am seriously trying to imagine if I could care enough to be accommodatingly subservient, having suffered it more times then I want to remember.

Okay, once in a rare blue moon the possibility, of worth, is accomplished.

It must be very good because a lot of movies are made there.I’ve been there many times on business and several times I saw movies being filmed.In 2000 Arnold Shratzenager was staying in my hotel.

He didn’t care about smoking rules as he just walked right through the lobby with a big sti=ogi in his mouth.At night they simulated a fiery helicopter crash right on a corner in front of another hotel.

Vancouver itself was beautiful.I loved the city.I loved that we can be in a city but if I drove 20 minutes out, I’m in the woods and in nature.

Best ever.And don’t get me started on the food scene there.WOW.

But yes, Vancouver is a great place to work.