How has Denis Coderre changed the daily lives of common people in Montreal since he became Mayor of Montreal

How has Denis Coderre changed the daily lives of common people in Montreal since he became Mayor of Montreal

He has introduced a tax on dogs of 60$ per dog and about the same for each cat.Since most dogs and cats can’t earn a living, it is the hosts who must pay on their behalves.That’s 9 million a year in taxes for dogs alone.

In addition he is generating another 27 million in dog fines (if they are caught being free).He has slowed traffic movement by about 50–60% with over 400 simultaneous construction project (actually reconstruction of poorly made roads) and is generating tax revenue—enjoying the fact that each 3 hour delay on the average commuter is an additional revenue for the city (gas tax).He has perpetuated the silly language laws and succeeded in driving out 10.000 more anglophones (those who create jobs).

He is despised and hated.He has driven away toursists my the 10s of thousands (dog laws—about 25% of Americans who intend to visit here learn about the dog taxes and decide to stay away).He is a discusting major and everyone with a dog friend hates him.

No idea.I live in the suburbs, only work in Montreal.As an “outsider”, one that lived many many years in Germany, saw the reunification and what the Germans did to bring the East Germany infrastucture to point, I only see tons and tons of money badly managed.

Montreal, from traffic standpoint is a MESS.Road construction takes forever, days and weeks with zero activity on the constructiom camps… public transportation is also a mess, taxes just shot towards the skies.A lot of unresolved conflicts with public employees — police dressed with clown baggy pants… Downtown looks also in a dire situation, many shops are closing.

Hopefully he has changed enough to motivate people to get interested into municipal elections so they can VOTE HIM OUT of office.This career politician is more interested into baseball and standing in the spotlight rather than acting like a competent mayor that had the chance of a lifetime to make Montreal during its 375th anniversary.Instead, he spent millions illuminating a bridge, done jack to help with worsening homelessness issues, and showed a total disrespect towards animal life.

Mr. Coderre is no longer Mayor of Montreal, having been ‘tuffed out in the last election.The Mayor is now Mrs Valérie Plante.Coderre is remembered more for his gaffs than for changing lives of the common people.

His “Electric Car Grand Prix” for example, was a financial disaster.A former Federal Cabinet Ministre known as “Kid Kodak” because of his penchant for media attention, he will invariably seek political office again… next will probably be at the Provincial level.

He was one of the few that was a show.As an entertainer he was good, (check for Denis Coderre Canada post, jackhammer) you should find a video that will give you an idea of what I mean when I call him an entertainer, but the mayor part.beh.

Just think of common transit, he did little.He also made not so great deal like the Formula E car racing.

I’d just like to say I’m not sure why I was A2A’d here.Firstly, I don’t live in Montreal, and can’t speak to what daily life is or isn’t like there.And secondly, this is a stale question that is impossible to answer in 2020, because Denis Coderre isn’t the mayor anymore.

He has given them someone to cringe and laugh at given the crazy shit he says on a regular basis.

One of the best Idiot Mayors Montreal has ever had.