How is living in Ottawa vs Montreal for a family with young children

How is living in Ottawa vs Montreal for a family with young children

It really depends on your money situation.Here are the pros and cons of each.Montreal Pro’s: – Beautiful city, lots of cultural activities – 60% Francophone, 40% Anglo/Allophone, so lots of opportunities to interact with folks you may never meet otherwise – Extremely affordable daycare – Very well developed public transit, with more improvements on the way – Warm friendly people Montreal Cons: – Insane traffic at all hours of the day due to 50 year lack of investment in infrastructure.

In an attempt to resolve this, the entire highway network on the island is being rebuilt.At the same time.You will always be late.

– Difficult job market if you are not bilingual.- Periodic political BS.Things have been calm lately, so there may be another eruption in the next few years.

These things are cyclical.Ottawa Pro’s: – Very high quality of life, especially if you have children – Strong emphasis on outdoor activities, and the resources to develop and sustain these activities.- 4 school boards to choose from: English Public, French Public, English Catholic, French Catholic.

When I first moved to Ottawa with a special needs child I was badly treated by the English Public board.I was glad to have an alternative in the English Catholic board, who were much more interested in helping me and my family get settled in.- Big(ish) city of +1M for the National Capital Region as a whole, but with a small-town feel.

There is lots of rural land within the city limits.I live on the edge of the eastern suburbs and when I drove to my first job in the city I was able to do most of the drive on small country roads.Seeing deer, moose, and other animals regularly was very nice.

– Lots of fun activities.My son loves the Aviation Museum as well as the Science and Technology Museum, and the Museum of Nature.There are also lots of places to bike, and Gatineau Park is just 15 minutes from downtown.

Ottawa Cons: – Childcare costs a fortune.I honestly don’t know how younger families can afford mortgages and childcare at the same time.One of my neighbours has 4 children, and their solution was for the wife to stay home and stop paid work.

– Houses are more expensive in Ottawa than Gatineau – People are not so warm and friendly.They make British people look like raging extroverts.- It’s a civil service town, so people often want to create more and more regulations instead of just talking to their neighbours to resolve situations.

– That wildlife I was talking about?Sometimes it shows up in the neighbourhood.We have coyotes around so we don’t let the cat out.

Much more expensive.In Quebec childcare is heavily subsidized, housing costs are much lower and dental care is free.The income tax is higher but if you have children the perks outweigh the tax.

in Ottawa daycare is hard to find and very expensive.The schools are better than Montreal and the tax rate is lower.if you speak french then Montreal is a better choice.

As a resident of Quebec, you are eligible for $8/day daycare service.There are also several provincial subsidies available to families with young children, which increase in amount based both on the number of children and your family income.

They are both lovely cities to raise children in.Both very pro children and family.Ottawa is an English city with a lot of French speaking people, and Montreal is a French speaking city with many English speaking residents.

Ottawa is arguably a safer city & requires less use of the French language.Other Canadians think Ottawa is a dull place but, probably more ideal for raising young children.

One is a beautiful clean environment with safety for children to go to the local parks unattended .

The other is Montreal.